Teach with comics

Bitstrips for Schools is an educational tool that engages students using a medium they love - Comics!

  • Fun & social comic-making tools
  • 100% web-based with nothing to install
  • Hundreds of curriculum-connected activities

Take the time and effort out of drawing

  • Design and dress fully poseable characters
  • Give them words, actions and emotions
  • Add scenes and props from our growing collection, or import your own images
  • Share, remix, collaborate and comment!

Kids love comics!

  • Get students hooked on reading and writing
  • Motivate them by making homework fun
  • Spark their creativity - the possibilities for self expression are endless

More than just the funny pages

  • Teach a wide range of critical skills
  • Adapt lessons from any subject
  • Great for K-12, university students, ELL and children with autism

Reduce your prep time

  • Easily find curriculum-relevant activities by grade, subject and popularity
  • Assign them to your students, review their work and provide individual feedback
  • Create and share your own activities

Stay on top of everything

  • Private virtual classrooms
  • News dashboard showing you the latest student activity
  • Student permission settings that ensure you're in control

Bitstrips For Schools in action

What teachers are saying

"I would put it up there as one of the best education apps of all time."

-Royan Lee, Charles Howitt Public School

Royan Lee

"I'm loving Bitstrips for Schools, as are my students. It really is turning my students (avid readers but reluctant writers) into kids who love to write at school and at home."

- Diana Maliszewski, Agnes Macphail Public School

Diana Maliszewski

"I am raving about Bitstrips for Schools to any colleague I can reach. I am totally blown away by it. It opens up a whole new way of communicating to children who are not artists. I love it."

- Rick Hay, Maurice Cody Junior Public School

Rick Hay

"Bitstrips for Schools is a great motivational tool for reluctant writers. Students who would normally shut down at the thought of a traditional writing assignment end up asking to stay in at recess to work on their comics."

- Lindsay Porter, Byngmount Beach Public School

Lindsay Porter

"Bitstrips for Schools is the best thing that has ever happened to my students. The students are so engaged, they don't even know how much they are learning."

- Beth Cantwell, St. Bernadine School

Beth Cantwell

"Bitstrips for Schools has been a very nice addition to my teaching units. The kids enjoy a change of pace, and visual literacy is becoming a very real component of the curriculum. Thanks for providing such a timely service."

- Louise Zimmerman, Saint Edward's School

Louise Zimmerman

"With Bitstrips for Schools students don't have to be limited by their drawing talent. And the feature where we can upload and even search for our own images will mean that anything we can think up is possible!"

- Shannon Powell, Central Montcalm Middle School

Shannon Powell

"I love Bitstrips for Schools. It is user friendly and it's great how students can share their work."

- Judy Stoner, G C Huston Public School

Judy Stoner

"I think Bitstrips for Schools is excellent and the kids absolutely LOVE it."

- Melissa Clarke, Tweedsmuir Public School

Melissa Clarke

"I used Bitstrips for Schools with my students and they LOVE it. They were absolutely engaged and motivated to create characters and strips."

- Michelle Parrish, Golden Learning Center

Michelle Parrish

"I just wanted to let you know that my students love Bitstrips for Schools! What an awesome and safe teaching tool. My kids think that I am the greatest. Thanks so much for creating such an engaging website. My writing program is going to soar!"

- Michele Zoccoli, Virgil Public School

Michele Zoccoli

More Testimonials

From the blog

Back to School With Bitstrips!

Posted on: September 03, 2013 | By: Dana Herlihey


We’re excited to enter another fun and educational year with Bitstrips for Schools! This year we hope to introduce teachers to a great selection of activities through our “Featured Activities” posts. You can stay up to date with our Featured Activities, news, and updates by following us on Twitter, or liking us on Facebook.

This month, we’re happy to help welcome students to their new classroom with  Back to School activities. These activities have been selected as they’re great introductions to new classmates, classrooms, and schools.

Introduce Yourself
In this introductory activity, students design their avatar and create a comic strip introducing themselves.

My Summer Vacation
Students practice their storytelling skills by showing what happened on the best day of their summer vacation.

School Rules
Students choose one of your school rules and show their avatar demonstrating why the rule is important.

Classroom Rules
Students consider the rules of your classroom and create a comic explaining their thoughts on the 3 most important ones.

Learning About Learning
Students broaden their awareness of the extra-curricular educational opportunities available to them at their school (including courses, volunteer work, and e-learning).


Posted in: News

End of Year Activities

Posted on: June 11, 2013 | By: Dana Herlihey


Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time for report cards, vacations, and summer jobs! End the school year with a fun Bitstrips activity for your students. Suitable for all grade levels, our selection of end of the year activities provide students with an exciting way to reflect on their school year and look forward to the summer holiday ahead.

Job Interview Gone Wrong
Students use their avatar to demonstrate 6 job interview “don’ts”, using a combination of dialogue, facial expression and body language.

The Journey to My Career
Students create a comic strip to illustrate their career pathway plan. Along the path, students illustrate their choices that support their career aspirations.

Dress for the Seasons
Students use vocabulary associated with the seasons by showing their avatars performing seasonal activities, wearing the appropriate clothing.

My Report Card
Students create their own comic report card, explaining what they did well this year and what they can improve on.

My Memorable Moment
This is an end of the year memory writing activity where students recount their most memorable moments from this school year.


Posted in: News

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